Climate Change Action initiative ("CCAi"): Towards Net Zero by 2040

As an agricultural-based company dependent on the environment, IOI is fully cognizant that climate change is a risk to our business. Our “Climate Change Action initiative ("CCAi")” was therefore introduced in 2020 as one of our long-term action plans to mitigate and reduce greenhouse gas ("GHG") emissions from our diverse operations. Our aim is to achieve Net Zero as a group by enhancing existing carbon reduction initiatives while actively exploring new opportunities in minimising carbon emissions through operational efficiency and utilisation of renewable energy which is also in-line with IOI’s 5 strategic priorities.

The Climate Change Action initiative ("CCAi") is reported in alignment with the recommendations from the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures ("TCFD") around four thematic areas (Governance, Strategy, Metrics and Targets, Risk Management) and with reference to the International Sustainability Standards Board (“ISSB”) climate disclosures.

Our Holistic Approach to Climate Change Action Initiative
Our approach in implementing the Climate Change Action initiative ("CCAi") and IOI’s strategy is developed around the following commitments:
  • To reduce our climate change impact by setting long-term science-based target versus the baseline to provide clear GHG emissions reduction status.
  • To promote climate action plan and practices through innovation, improved efficiency and support actions throughout the operations.
  • To increase resilience of our business by managing risks and opportunities, forecasting climate scenarios for climate impact valuation and incorporating circular economy in our operations.

Full details for our Climate Change Action initiative and progress can be found in our reports below:

  1. Sustainability Report 2020 (page 42 - 46)
  2. Sustainability Report 2021 (page 30 - 35)
  3. Sustainability Report 2022 (page 28 - 39)