Peatland Management

The Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Peatland Management are applied as defined in the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil Principle & Criteria (RSPO PC) documents and referred to RSPO manual on BMP for Existing Oil Palm Cultivation on Peat. Where areas are identified as unsuitable for oil palm replanting, plans are developed for the appropriate management, such as rehabilitation, proper water management and fire prevention.

Peat drainability study of the area will be one year prior to any proposed replanting on IOI Corporation Berhad’s (IOI) all existing plantations planted on peatland. Additionally, to identify soil profile in existing plantation on peat, an external consultant had been engaged to provide report on classification of soil.

For new plantings, IOI is committed to no development of peatland regardless of its depth. IOI has a Peatland Protection and Management Policy for existing IOI’s plantations, new concessions and landscapes around it. The document is available here.