Mangosteen (garcina mangostana) is dubbed as “the Queen of Fruits” due to its top that resembles the crown of a queen and its “cooling” properties. An exotic, round and purple fruit, it is widely cultivated for its exquisite snow-white, juicy and delicious flesh that is sweet yet slightly acidic. A seasonal fruit typically available between June and August; it is harvested from 13 to 14 weeks after it has flowered to maturity. It is harvested based on this colour index:

  1. Colour index 1: Reddish yellow
  2. Colour index 2: Red
  3. Colour index 3: Brownish red
  4. Colour index 4: Reddish purple
  5. Colour index 5: Dark purplish

Mangosteens with the colour index 2 to 3 are normally harvested and stored longer while fruits with the colour index of 4 are harvested for local consumption. Fruits with the colour index 5 must be sold immediately in the local market. These 2 varieties are currently available in Sagil Estate:

MN01 - Kampung Variety

MN02 - Crystal Variety