Fire Management

Free Fire Alliance

The Government of Indonesia has intensified efforts to protect the environment by strengthening the country’s fire-fighting response and its prevention. Supporting the Government’s leadership on fire prevention is a voluntary multi-stakeholder group called Fire-Free Alliance (FFA) of which IOI Corporation Berhad (IOI) is a member since 15 March 2017.

IOI’s Fire Prevention and Monitoring Program

As a member of FFA, IOI’s efforts include the following four key strategies:

  1. Emergency Response Programme (ERP)
  2. Establishment of Fire Monitoring System;
    a. Fire Alert Information System;
    b. Fire Towers & Drones
    c. Patrolling
  3. Training Programmes on Fire Emergency & Simulation (Prevention and Control) to respond to the fire occurrences
  4. Socialization, Dialogue and Awareness programme in forest and land fire prevention to encourage the participation of relevant stakeholders, ex. communities, neighbouring companies, etc.

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