Biodiversity Conservation

IOI Corporation Berhad (IOI) recognises the importance of biodiversity conservation and strictly adheres to all relevant laws, Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) certification principles and criteria to protect, conserve and rehabilitate the environment by adopting beneficial practices and incorporating the protection of High Conservation Value (HCV), High Carbon Stock (HCS) and peat areas in new developments.

We strive to conserve and rehabilitate biodiversity and ecology within and in the vicinity of our estates with these following practices:

  1. Planting legume cover crops as a soil conservation measure to prevent run-off into waterways and avoiding any planting on steep terrains;
  2. Conserving natural trees, flora and fauna species in buffer zones and steep areas unsuitable for oil palm planting;
  3. Conserving water channels, streams, ponds, and undisturbed natural riparian reserve in tandem with the overall flood mitigation plan;
  4. Linking riparian and other reserve areas within the estates and surrounding neighbourhoods to develop wildlife corridors; and
  5. Preserving the existing natural landscape and its flora and fauna surroundings while offering agro-tourism in some of our finest estates.

Specific biodiversity and wildlife conservation initiatives undertaken include:

  1. Establishing a deer farm at Meliau Estate;
  2. Establishing a sanctuary for proboscis monkeys at Bayok Estate;
  3. Conducting biodiversity study of flora and fauna species in our plantations (so far, 337 flora and 227 fauna endemic species have been found), and becoming a strategic partner in the Malua Wildlife Conservation Initiative;
  4. Contributing to the Orangutan Foundation International’s Care Centre and Quarantine facility in Pangkalan Bun, Kalimantan; and
  5. Contributing to the Malaysian Palm Oil Wildlife Conservation Fund.