Corporate Governance Overview Statement

The Board recognises the paramount importance of good corporate governance to the success of the Group. It strives to ensure that a high standard of corporate governance is being practised throughout the Group in ensuring continuous and sustainable growth for the interests of all its stakeholders.

The Group’s corporate governance practices are guided by its “Vision IOI” whereby responsible and balanced commercial success is to be achieved by addressing the interests of all stakeholders. A set of core values guides our employees at all levels in the conduct and management of the business and affairs of the Group. We believe that good corporate governance results in quantifiable and sustainable long term success and value for shareholders as well as all other stakeholders, as reflected by our performance and track record over the years. During the financial year, the Group has received numerous accolades and awards in recognition of its efforts.

The Group will continue its efforts in evaluating its governance practices in response to evolving best practices and the changing needs of the Group. The paragraphs that follow in this Statement outline the governance framework of the Group and explain how the Group has applied the principles and recommendations set out in the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance.

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The full 2022 Corporate Governance Report can be downloaded from Bursa Malaysia.