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Track Progress, Communicate Actions, and Meet Expectations

At IOI Corporation Berhad (IOI), we have a number of tracking systems in place for stakeholders to monitor our progress in sustainability practices. The documents that are publicly available for viewing include the Sustainability Implementation Plan (SIP), Sustainability Progress Updates, Grievance List Update, and a list of reports from third-party assessments.

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Sustainability Implementation Plan (SIP)

The SIP serves as a working document to meet our goals and commitments, stated in our Sustainable Palm Oil Policy (SPOP). The SIP outlines our activities, timeline, key milestones and ongoing progresses.

Sustainability Progress Updates

The Sustainability Progress Updates provides a clear summary on activities highlighted in our SIP. The Sustainability Progress Updates is aimed to give a better understanding on the progress of our sustainability practices.

Assessment Reports

We engage with external parties such as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and independent consultants from time to time to ensure a check-and-balance in our sustainability progress. In addition, our customers will also conduct their own assessment on us periodically to ensure that we uphold our commitments, as outlined in our Sustainable Palm Oil Policy (SPOP) as well as other policies that are derived from it. Click on links below to view and download our external party assessment reports.

1) We also report all our activities, progress updates, initiatives, etc, annually in our Annual Sustainability Report. Please click here for all our reports.

Grievance Procedure and Special Complaints

As stated in IOI’s SPOP, transparency is one of the important elements embedded within our sustainability commitment. Hence, IOI has established various means to communicate complaints or grievances that are cited against us. Please click here to view our Grievance Procedure.

Special Complaints

Under this category, these are complaints that are either inherited, long standing cases or are of great interest to our stakeholders

Grievance List

IOI also has a Grievance List that it publishes and updates regularly on this website as further assurance of IOI’s commitments in enhancing transparency and our commitment to an open and transparent approach to resolve any outstanding grievances with all affected stakeholders. This process enables all internal and external stakeholders who have identified any issues within our supply chains, which is deemed not in line with the principles stated in our SPOP, to raise a grievance through our Grievance Procedure.

Grievances can be submmited through the following channels:

  • Email: grievance@ioigroup.com
  • Telephone: +603 8947 8701
  • Mailing: IOI Corporation Berhad, Level 29, IOI City Tower 2, Lebuh IRC, IOI Resort City, 62502 Putrajaya, Malaysia.
    (Attention to Grievence Coordinator)

Similar to our SIP and Sustainability Progress Updates, we also have in place a Grievance List Update for public viewing. The Grievance List Update is updated quarterly.

All the gathered and investigated allegations are captured in 3 specific grievances list:

  1. Grievances related to Suppliers (Direct and Indirect Suppliers)
  2. Grievances related to Environmental, Social and Governance.