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Sustainability Initiatives

Ketapang Landscape Level Approach

IOI Plantation operates four concession areas within Ketapang, West Kalimantan. A Landscape Level Approach has been adopted for peatland management in these areas in partnership with various stakeholders.

The Ketapang Landscape Level Approach involves mapping of peatlands area within the concessions and implementing a plan for protection and rehabilitation.

Bukit Leelau Mini Landscape Level Project

The Bukit Leelau Mini Landscape Level Approach project is a collaboration between IOI and Global Environment Centre (GEC). The project is another landscape level approach for the Group that involved multi-stakeholder engagement and participation between IOI’s Bukit Leelau Estate and communities of the adjacent areas.

The project involved ways to overcome the drainage problem at the forest reserve and its buffer zone which is adjacent to Bukit Leelau, activities to prevent future fires, and rehabilitation effort at the degraded area within the forest reserve and the adjacent buffer zone.

An agreement, effective 1 September 2018, was signed between IOI Plantation Services Sdn Bhd with GEC. Activities planned for the project include engagement with relevant stakeholders and empowerment program for the Orang Asli community in the area. Specifically, IOI and GEC conducted a rapid assessment of Bukit Leelau’s peatland landscape which included stakeholder meeting with related government agencies, field study, and site visits to the Orang Asli community.

For more info on these and other initiatives by IOI, please refer to our Sustainability Reports here.