Grievance Update

Company Name 
ExpandBLD Plantation BhdBLD Plantation BhdME RRR 4 has reported some ground activities and alleged clearing of over 1000ha of forest/peat between 2017 - 2018
ExpandFGV Holdings Bhd

Temila Agro Abadi (PT TAA), a subsidiary of Felda Global Ventures (FGV)

FGV is a direct supplier in Malaysia, however PT TAA is not in our supply base.

ME RRR 9: alleged burning of 84 Ha of Peat
ExpandFGV Holdings BhdFGV Holdings Bhd 

NGO Coalition petition – Forced Labour and Human Trafficking on Felda/FGV plantation

https://laborrights.org/sites/ default/files/publications/ FGV_Tariff_Act.pdf


ExpandGenting Plantation Bhd

Citra Sawit Cemerlang (PT CSC)

Genting is our direct supplier in Malaysia, But PT CSC is not in our supply base.

Allegations that 125 ha of forest cleared between Jan 2019 and March 2019, source ME RRR 14
ExpandGenting Plantation Bhd

Permata Sawit Mandiri (PT PSM)

Genting is a direct supplier in Malaysia however PT PSM is not in our supply base.

Allegation that 84 ha of deforestation occurred between April - May 2019, source ME RRR 15
ExpandGlobal Enterprise Sdn Bhd

Bulungan Surya Mas Pratama, PT BSMP

Global Enterprise Sdn Bhd is a direct supplier in Malaysia, however PT BSMP is not in our supply base.

ME RRR 21 states 17 ha of deforestation between Jan – Oct 2019 in PT BSMP.

According to the report, PT BSMP is part of Global Enterprise Sdn Bhd.

ExpandIJM Bhd

Prima Bahagia Permai (PT PBP)

IJM is a direct supplier in Malaysia. However PT PBP is not in our supply base.

Monitoring consultants reported land clearing in Nov – Dec 2017: alleged deforestation in PT PBP
ExpandJernih Kemboja Sdn BhdJernih Kemboja Sdn BhdME RRR 38 Monitoring by Satellite has detected land clearance between Feb 2021 - Jan 2022 impacting forests in Concession PTD 1815
ExpandKLK Bhd

Menteng Jaya Sawit Perdana (PT MJSP)

PT MJSP is not in our supply base.

It is under KLK Bhd group, one of our direct suppliers in Malaysia

ME RRR 18 reported 12ha of Peat development
ExpandLKPP Corporation Sdn Bhd

PKPP Plantation Sdn Bhd

LKPP is a direct supplier to Malaysia however, PKPP is not in our supply base as it does not supply to LKPP.

ME RRR 30 allege 101 ha of forest clearance between Feb 2019 to May 2020

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