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Define sustainability within IOI

Sustainability Vision

At IOI Corporation Berhad (IOI), we believe in meeting the needs of the present without compromising that of the future generations by:

Committing to protect, rehabilitate and preserve the environment where we live in

Ensuring that the economic, social wellbeing and health of our employees and their families as well as the wider communities are safeguarded

Leading and innovating as well as embedding sustainability practices into our businesses

Sustainability Governance

IOI has developed and will continuously improve upon a systematic approach to sustainability by ensuring sustainability sits at the top agenda of IOI’s management. Additionally, to ensure transparency IOI established a Sustainability Governance structure. This Sustainability Governance structure comprises Board of Directors, Group Sustainability Steering Committee, Sustainability Team, and an external Sustainability Advisory Panel.

Sustainability Advisory Panel (SAP)

The Sustainability Advisory Panel (SAP) supports the roll-out of the Group’s SIP, and advises on specific issues raised by multi-stakeholders such as NGOs and RSPO.

The SAP is composed of NGOs, customers and subject-matter experts and experienced professionals from various countries and sectors as well as representatives from IOI Group senior management.

Going forward, the Panel will advise and challenge the Group on delivering its sustainability commitments and ambition. It will provide a critical review and advisory function to the Group’s sustainability activities and help to review its progress in delivering its sustainability commitments as set out in the SPOP and SIP.

Please click here to download the Terms of Reference (TOR) for SAP.

Please click any of the following to download the SAP minutes of meeting.
SAP Meeting Notes 25 April 2017
SAP Meeting Notes 07 June 2017
SAP Meeting Notes 16 June 2017
SAP Meeting Notes 20 September 2017
SAP Meeting Notes 27 November 2017
SAP Meeting Notes 24 June 2018

Attaining Balance by Harnessing Sustainable Partnership

IOI is committed to fully integrating sustainability into its core businesses. We believe that by attaining balance between development and conservation, it is better able to safeguard the wellbeing of the communities, protection of the environment, and prosperity of stakeholders. These approaches are driven by innovative solutions and through harnessing the power of collaboration where IOI has embarked on the strong partnerships with their stakeholders to help build a more dynamic and sustainable ecosystem and working hand in hand in smart collaboration towards attaining sustainable solutions and results.

IOI's Contribution to UN SDGs

As a company with global operations, IOI recognises the importance of its role in this global initiative. As such, we identified six United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) with their specific targets that are most relevant to its business and are in alignment with the pillars of sustainability and SPOP. Please click here for more info on IOI's Contribution to UN SDGs.

Sustainable Palm Oil Policy (SPOP)

IOI’s Sustainable Palm Oil Policy (SPOP) serves as the main guiding document to our sustainability practices. The first SPOP, first launched in March 2014 and last revised in May 2020.