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Palm Oil Dashboard & Traceability

IOI’s Palm Oil Dashboard was launched online in December 2016. The Palm Oil Dashboard presents key information relating to our operations and suppliers. Furthermore, maps of our refineries and mills, as well as the latest news and relevant links are also available on the Palm Oil Dashboard.

This Dashboard is last update in October 2020.
Click here to view on mobile/tablet.

Palm Oil Traceability

Tracing the origins of our oil allows us to monitor and engage with our suppliers to ensure a more transparent and sustainable supply chain. IOI’s three-step palm oil verification approach requires that all mills and refineries in the supply chain disclose information such as GPS coordinates and ownership groups.

Engagement with Suppliers

IOI engages with new suppliers through a pre-qualification and screening process as articulated here to ensure the new suppliers meet IOI’s sustainability requirements. New suppliers are screened using social and environmental criteria to meet the essential NDPE commitments. IOI will not approve any new suppliers that are unable to commit to these requirements.

For existing suppliers, IOI has implemented and communicated a proactive mill-level programme. This programme supports the supplier companies to adopt sustainable practices that adhere to IOI’s SPOP commitments whilst providing guidance and resources towards the adoption of sustainability best practices.

Non-compliance with IOI’s SPOP will trigger engagement and if required, corrective action plans and re-evaluation of commercial relationships for repeated failures.

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