IOI's statement on Proforest external verification (Phase 1) interim findings report
08/11/2018Corporate Sustainability

Last year, IOI Corporation Berhad (“IOI”) committed to commissioning an external verification of its sustainability progress. Having worked hard to implement our commitments over the last 18 months, IOI is now undertaking this verification exercise by collaborating with Proforest over the next few months, to demonstrate to our stakeholders the progress that has been made and to identify any gaps that may still remain in implementing our commitments.

External verification of the implementation of IOI Corporation Berhad’s Policy Commitments: Phase 1 (Document Review & Consultation) Interim findings

IOI is pleased to report that Phase 1 of the external verification of its implementation of commitments has now been completed by Proforest. Phase 1 (Document Review and Consultation) included a review of IOI’s plans, procedures and records as well as interviews with staff and external stakeholders.

The interim findings by Proforest from Phase 1 can be accessed here.

Whilst these findings may change subject to the Fieldwork phase (Phase 2), they highlight a number of areas of progress against commitments as well as ongoing challenges to implementation. IOI’s Group Sustainability Steering Committee has reviewed the interim findings in detail and the findings in Phase 1 has also been discussed with its Sustainability Advisory Panel (SAP).

IOI’s response and action plan from the interim findings by Proforest can be accessed here.

In the meantime, Phase 2 (Fieldwork) is expected to commence in November, 2018. Phase 2 of the verification will involve a number of site visits to IOI operations in order to confirm implementation and current performance of IOI’s sustainability commitments.

IOI will continue to collaborate closely with Proforest during Phase 2 of the verification exercise and reaffirms its commitment to the verification process, as well as to addressing any gaps and/or opportunities that may emerge.