Notification of Scams
13/10/2020Corporate Communications

It has come to our attention that a number of unauthorised individuals or organisations are falsely using “IOI Group Investment” in an attempt to defraud members of the public and potential investors via any unsolicited telecommunication or other unsolicited communications purportedly originating from, or implying an affiliation with IOI Group or any of our subsidiaries within our Group of Companies.

We affirm that IOI Group is not involved in any unsolicited capital markets investment to individuals. We are a leading global integrated and sustainable palm oil player that is listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad and trading as MYX: 1961. Our operations consist of the plantation business which covers Malaysia and Indonesia, while our downstream resource-based manufacturing business includes refining of palm oil as well as manufacturing of oleochemical and specialty oils and fats, which has a growing presence in Asia, Europe and USA. IOI Group does not operate through other agents nor endorse any activities of any bank, financial institution, or other public or private agency.

IOI Group would like to alert the public that IOI Group’s name and emblem have been fraudulently used by unscrupulous individuals in various forms of cross-border fraud, investment fraud, advanced fee scams and similar scams (sent by virtual communication such as email and Whatsapp, or hard-copy letter) to induce potential investors. These identity fraud and financial fraud include ‘phishing’ attacks, in which the names of IOI Group officials have been misused to deceive recipients into disclosing personal and financial information, and ‘spoofing’ attempts, in which a false copy of IOI Group Investment’s website has been created with false contact information, to mislead potential users.

We wish to stress that IOI Group is neither the author of, nor in any other way associated with such fraudulent activities. IOI Group does not issue or guarantee any obligations called “Trading Platform”, “Forex Trading Account”, “CFD”, “Wallet App” or the like, nor do we extend any credit lines through commercial banks or other agencies. Moreover, we do not guarantee any financial instruments issued by any member country or any other entity. We do not sponsor investment programmes, “high-yield financial programmes” or issue to countries or to outside parties a “IOI Group number”, “IOI Group Company Registration Number”, or the likes.

Please note that any offers/benefits/contents/instructions presented in such misleading communications impersonating IOI Group does not represent the organisation. If any such entity fraudulently representing IOI Group approaches you, refrain from responding to them. We urge members of the public to be cautious and vigilant, and not fall victim to this scam.